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Boost your Marketing Strategy with Epaard – The best Video Marketing agency

Are you looking for new ways to make your brand stand apart from the competitors, but the plain old text is not doing the job? Then, it’s time that you seek the services of a Video Animation Company like Epaard. Epaard gives a new meaning to the term video marketing. We employ unique and trendy marketing strategies that are sure to set your brand apart from the rest.


Epaard has been in the video marketing business for over 10 years. Our experts possess the proper skill set, knowledge, and experience required to up your video marketing game to a whole new level. Our professionals will handle all your video marketing requirements, from planning to execution, to achieve your marketing goals. Choose Epaard for your brand, and let our videos do the talking!


At Epaard our digital marketing experts will help formulate a video that is a fine blend of top-of-the-line visual content and smart marketing strategies. We unleash some of our tricks to help you make the most of our world-class video content marketing strategy.


Detailed Story Outline

The first step towards producing any video content is to list down the goals and expectations on paper and what we wish to achieve from this video. This will help put things in perspective. The very next step fllowing it will be to highlight outlines. Preparing the in-depth structure of the video in advance before the production helps strengthen the message we’re conveying to our audience.

Professional Script Writing

As an established video marketing company, Epaard has some of the best scriptwriters on board to communicate your message to your audience. Our experts research your audience to creatively convey your voice and adopt a tone that best matches your brand.

 Training and Consultation

At Epaard, our video marketing services are not only limited to drafting a video strategy for your brand. Instead, we do our utmost best to go above and beyond to help you compose a perfect, high-quality video with your team. We offer training and consultation sessions, as well as on-site training to your staff to make sure that your team appears convincing in front of the camera. From wardrobe suggestions to behavioral instructions, we have got you covered.

Visual Content Production

For a successful marketing video production, it is necessary to use top-of-the-line equipment. Low-quality videos will not garner the same attention. Therefore, at Epaard, our experts ensure that we create state-of-the-art videos and add matching soundtracks to the visuals to get the best possible outcome.

On-Brand Experience

At Epaard, we create a personalized video marketing strategy for each client. We also help our customers decide which video type, format, duration, and other things. We ensure that your video strategy is the best reflection of your brand.

SEO Optimization

The team of professionals at Epaard implements SEO techniques on both YouTube marketing content and your company’s website. By applying SEO strategies, your videos rank higher in search engine results.


If your business has not yet ventured into the world of video marketing, you are missing out on many benefits. Video marketing, if done right, can reap countless gains and bring your brand to life. Our experts at Epaard work endlessly to create compelling video marketing content tailored to meet your business’s needs. If you want enthralling videos that captivate your audience’s attention, then Epaard can get the job done for you. Here is what that means for your business: 

Increased Brand Awareness

High-quality video content will help you get noticed in the eyes of your audience.

Better Social Engagement

Videos that resonate better with the audience are more likely to be shared across various social media platforms.

Improved Brand Credibility

Videos give your brand legitimacy as they add a personal touch to it.

Organic Ranking

If you have videos embedded in the content on your website, your website has more probability of appearing higher in search engine results. Videos improve SEO rankings by increasing time-on-page, lowering bounce rates, and other factors.

Increased Conversion Rates

Videos improve your reach of potential customers. Videos that are added to the landing pages have proven to increase conversions by approximately 80%.

Improve Ad Performance

Video content on web pages has proven to increase click-through rates, overall ad performance, and ad engagements.

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  • Why Video Marketing Services – Some Statistics
Visual content is easy-to-watch and easy-to-share, making it the most powerful marketing tool. Be it sharing on social media or embedding it in a web page or blog post, videos can easily convey your message across various platforms. Video content can deliver complex information in an attractive and understandable manner while keeping the audience engaged. The versatility, accessibility, and various other benefits make videos a must in the marketing strategy of 91% of marketers.
Brand videos are your secret weapon in any content strategy. They help unleash the true meaning of your brand to your audience, communicate your brand's message, and surge your brand's recognition. This is why 91% of marketers choose to include video marketing in their marketing strategies. Epaard houses some of the best video marketers. Their extensive experience and knowledge can help get your brand the recognition it deserves through video marketing services. Here is what they can do for you:


  • 95% of businesses validate that their audience can better understand their features and offerings through videos.

  • 95% of video marketers say they will retain or increase their budget for video content.

  • 89% of marketers give positive video ROI.

  • 87% of marketers verify that video content has increased their traffic.

  • 83% of marketers claim that videos have played a massive part in improving their conversion rate.

  • Over 55% of customers say that videos have convinced them to shop from a particular store.

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