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Video Marketing Services to Turn the Tables on Your Rivals

Video marketing services are highly in demand because video content is known for making an impact in digital marketing. Video content marketing is among the top-rated strategies for businesses to interact with their potential customers and catch their attention.

Video Marketing Strategy is All About Creating Hype

Animated video marketing can increase your organic reach on social platforms to manifolds.

Content shared via online video marketing helps viewers perceive better

88% of brands claim positive outcomes when integrating video marketing

Visual content is more effective to captivate audiences

Video content marketing drives faster results rather than other techniques

Promote your Brand across all Platforms with Exclusive Video Content!

Discover the power of video marketing to captivate your audience.

Our Tailored Solutions

Epaard is a full-service video marketing agency with a passion for storytelling and a drive to help businesses succeed. We can craft compelling videos for the following purposes:

YouTube Video Marketing

We have expertise in running effective campaigns via YouTube video marketing to help businesses target specific demographics and increase their reach.

Product Videos

We specialize in making the best product videos to elaborate your viewers on the unique features, characteristics, and benefits of your product (or service) to boost sales.

Social Media Videos

These are short and engaging videos tailored to each platform to help businesses interact with their audience, get their response, and stay connected.

Testimonial Videos

Validation from your authentic users is a perfect idea to sell your brand. Through online video marketing, we help your brand gain people's trust and credibility.

Explainer Videos

Video marketing for small businesses is a significant tool to spread the word about their brand. We take this opportunity to explain your business concept as inspiration for the rest.

Animated Videos

Our YouTube marketing strategy via animated videos is designed to grab attention and communicate messages in a creative and memorable way.

Corporate Videos

We produce professional and high-quality corporate videos to showcase a company’s values and help them grab the attention of potential customers.

Event Videos

We capture and produce professional event videos that showcase the highlights and key moments of corporate events, conferences, and trade shows.

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your videos continues to perform at the highest level.

The Process for Hiring Us

The process of hiring us for your video marketing needs isn't a complicated one. You can easily communicate
with one of our representatives to initiate the process:


Our team will schedule a consultation to understand your business requirements and goals for video marketing so we can picture what you need. We ask you to pen down all the objectives that you want to achieve with the upcoming video.

Script Development

Based on the consultation, we will develop a script that effectively communicates your message and appeals to your target audience. Our scriptwriters also focus on conveying the message in a tone that matches your brand's voice.


Our team will produce the video, incorporating all necessary elements such as graphics, animation, music, and more to ensure it covers everything. We utilize state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to deliver videos of the utmost quality.


We will review and make any necessary changes to the video, ensuring that it meets your expectations and effectively showcases your brand. You can also highlight anything that is supposed to be changed to meet your goal.


Finally, we will help you distribute the video through the appropriate channels to reach your target audience and see the positive response coming your way.

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Why is Epaard Worth Hiring?

Epaard isn't just a video marketing company, but a team of dedicated and enthusiastic market experts with Experience:

Our team has years of experience in video marketing and a proven track record of success.


We are dedicated to producing high-quality videos that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective. We understand that customers value quality whether it shows in your product or the way you market it.

Organic Reach

Epaard believes that there is no alternative to organic ranking. Therefore, we never suggest our clients buy likes and views. Instead, we adopt such tactics that draw the attention of the audience to drive traffic.

Guaranteed Results

We don't support the concept that video marketing for small businesses is a costly option. Rather we help businesses to reap the maximum benefits of their video content created at market-competitive rates.

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