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Why hire Epaard for Social Media Marketing?

Epaard social media management service is projected with the aim to keep things in your control throughout the social media channels. We, as social media marketing agency help you in understanding your own challenges and tackle them skilfully. We know that you have a distinctive objective and that is why, we devise a plan that suits your company the most.

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Social media promotion is more than just uploading a photo and writing a caption. It is more about playing with the metrics, interactions, and the relevant keywords. We perform organic posting, PPC, content advertising, customise videos, graphics, etc. We have a holistic approach for social media marketing so that each channel will come together for bringing the traffic to the website and increase the awareness about brand. Epaard believes in transparency, thus, complete reports about all the activities are provided on weekly or monthly basis. Such practice enables both parties to function in a clear manner. Our clients stay aware about what we are doing on their behalf. From Instagram to Facebook and from Pinterest to Twitter, we mark our client’s presence on all the virtual markets. We encourage visitors to share live feedback as it helps in building up the client’s online reputation. We guide our clients about how to run their accounts and where to start. Our social media manager will update your accounts timely and in the smart manner. We do not just update all the channels at the same time with the similar post rather we post intelligently so that your audience will not get bored of your content.
Having a sturdy social media presence has become extremely important for the brands these days. Keeping up with the potential consumers is equally crucial because this is what that brings you real return. Almost every person present online uses one social media application and that is why, ensuring your company’s presence is vital. Being available and promoting your business on the same social media makes the chances greater that you will be noticed. There is no doubt that social media has made it pretty clear for us to communicate the consumers directly, it is just that we have to utilise the opportunity smartly. Epaard makes it happen for the client by coming up with the plan that will only benefit them.

Here is how Epaard performs the best social media marketing:

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

For giving brand awareness and the consumer base, it is very important to interact with the visitors online. This thing is only possible with the social media. Promoting a small business via social media is an easy way of spreading the word about what are your selling or what services you are offering. Some well-known platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Interest and Instagram. A study also show that ninety percent of the marketers believe that having a social media is beneficial for their business. Having a lot of number of followers does not guarantee success to your brand until and unless those followers are your real time consumers. For any small business, a strong relationship is only possible via social media. Epaard fosters this connection between your small business and the probable client ship. We make sure that your visitors are getting engaged enough and receiving quick response. Our social media expert team offer complete support to the small business just like we offer it to any other established or newly formed venture. When we are serving in this aspect, we also set out a proper budget and assist you in singling out your audience.

What Do Our SMM Services Include?

In 2021 Social Media Marketing has brought a number of challenges about how to survive in such highly competitive environment. 
Epaard’s social team do not just sit there and suggest you the usual activities rather we have precise guidelines that send your social media marketing game to the next level. Promoting your services or content via social ads is the best way to improvise your presence or develop the interest. There could be a Facebook ad, Twitter trend, LinkedIn ads or Instagram PR. For all such campaigns, we have good terms with all the well-known influencers, bloggers, journalists and publishers who could bridge the gap between your future consumers and your brand.
With the best social media marketing agency, you do not have to be worried about what are the audience saying because the team at Epaard is gathering all the feedback and compiling it for you. We later discuss all the loopholes or shortcomings that customer might be seeing in your brand and overcome it as a family. Not only that our services are about doing promotions or simply posting on social media. We are the social media marketing firm that actually deliver the complete analysis and insights about your on-going campaigns.

Brand Visibility

It is the content that makes your brand stand out of the crowd and we at Epaard understand this. The customer is always in hurry to move out if you are unable to attract them. We do not let that happen and makes your brand appear catchy plus useful.

Develop Customer Loyalty

One way of gaining customer’s loyalty is by showing them familiarity. This is only possible when we make them believe that this brand is only for them. When we get connected with them on social media platforms through quick responses and right products.

Beat Your Competition

Well-planned social media marketing will keep you above all those in the industry. Our ideas and content are the ones that will make you appear professionally distinctive.

Increased Sales

All the good and correct strategies will result in augmented sales. We engage your consumers on social media so that they land up at your website and check out without any regret.

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Social Media Marketing Pricing

Epaard is the social media marketing agency that charges the most economical prices from its client. We cost the most suitable prices for the services on monthly basis. There are few packages amongst which you can charge some or simply get your tailor made pricing list made from us that solely depend upon the number of services that you desire. You can request for the proposal as well. Simply fill in the online form on the website and our representative will get in touch with you in no time. the social media marketing pricing is estimated according to the services, which could be online sales, about brand awareness, apps installation, lead generations, etc. these packages can be amended as per your objectives. If you do not want to risk about your social media marketing, then Epaard is the most reliable place to stop by. We care with all our expertise.

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